Welcome to the Super Slumber Sleep Challenge!

Dr. Rosario's 5 day Super Slumber Sleep Challenge is a mini-course that will reset your sleep rhythm and help you create a routine to shift your brain and body chemistry for deep, healing sleep. 

You'll learn

  • How to create your 'Absolute Yes and Absolute No Sleep Manifesto'
  • The 7pm Mega Melatonin Method
  • The 3 Step Deep Rest Bedtime Routine and much more

Get Effortless sleep for energized days.

Yep, I Want That!

Your Absolute Yes and No Sleep Manifesto

You'll use this core teaching throughout this weeks Super Slumber Sleep Challenge, to build your unique, and effective sleep strategies.

Show Me The Way!

Eats and Drinks to Help You Sleep.

You'll discover several foods and drinks (non-alcoholic) that can help you sleep and you'll learn how to incorporate as many of them as possible, so you can get fast results!

I Want All Of This!

7PM Mega Melatonin Method

A powerful technique to retrain your body to reset towards a  healthier rhythm.  This will become your go-to nightly habit for a great night's sleep!

It's The Sleep For Me!

The 3 Step Deep Rest Bedtime Routine

Discover the last 3 things you should do before drifting off to sleep to stimulate the "rest and digest" mode for a deep, restorative, healing sleep.

Teach Me How!

The Sleep Mysteries That Remain

The most common, core issue with sleep disturbances is being stuck in "Fight or Flight". You'll learn how to recognize common "Fight or Flight" symptoms and how you can address them quickly to increase your restful sleep. 

I'm a Yes For Rest!

Join us for the 5 Day Super Slumber Sleep Challenge!

Are you ready for effortless sleep for energized days? In just 5 days, Dr. Rosario will help you reset your sleep rhythm and shift your brain and body chemistry for deep, healing sleep.